About The Legion

The mission of The Royal Canadian Legion is "to serve Veterans and their dependants, to promote Remembrance, and to act in the service of Canada and its communities."

In essence, the purposes and objectives of the Legion were born of the need to further the spirit of comradeship and mutual assistance among all who have served and to never forget the deeds of the fallen. It is paramount that the Legion strives to pass on these goals and traditions to the families and descendants of our ex-service personnel and to raise this awareness among all Canadians.

Following the horrors of World War I, returned Canadian Veterans found themselves largely without an organization specifically concerned with the health and social problems associated with their wartime service. By 1925, particularly in larger cities groups of Veterans and Regimental Associations were working to help those comrades who were still suffering. But because of their smaller fragmented nature their efforts couldn't meet the need. These early groups wanted not only better treatment for those still suffering, but an umbrella group open to all who had served. This nucleus of concerned individuals came together in 1926 to form, "The Canadian Legion of the British Empire Services League". This name later became simply "The Royal Canadian Legion".

Originally their purpose was to help Veteran's and their families, advocate for pensions, promote Remembrance of the Fallen and advise the Government on Veteran's issues. These activities continue even today. However, today the purposes of the Legion have expanded until the Legion is now a leading Community service organization where ever a Branch is located. Today hospitals, schools, seniors, medical research groups, local sports activities and educational bursaries all share in Legion funding.

Legions now form the largest Community Service body in Canada. And have transitioned from veterans only membership to acceptance of anyone of federal voting age who support the aims and objects of The Royal Canadian Legion. Sir Authur Currie Branch 116 is proud to be a part of that group working for both Veterans and Community.